Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Week Craft Activities

Did your kids barrel through lots of Easter candy? (Let's say nothing of what the parents eat when the children are in bed. Somehow I went through 7 Reese's cups while knitting last night and watching the Yankees game.) Are you furtively trying to use up the leftover hard boiled eggs? (Anyone else looking for something else to do with them besides curried eggs, deviled eggs, and egg salad platters?) Are you eyeing the Easter decorations, thinking that it's time to take them down?

Don't! Easter is NOT over! Now we celebrate our Risen Lord! Try some of these craft projects with your kiddos.

  • Roll Back the Tomb's Stone Necklaces Craft: Send the kids outside to find rocks that resemble the one that Jesus rolled off of his tomb. They should be approximately 1 inch in diameter. Cut 6 inches of cloth covered floral wire ($1.50 for 15 yards at Michael's). Wrap it around the rock and secure it on the back with a dab of hot glue. Have the kids twist the wire around some ribbon, hemp cord, or lanyard to make a necklace.
Bible passage: John 20:1
symbols: rock for the t
omb's stone
white floral wire to signify the white linen burial cloths that Jesus left behind

  • Surprise Messages: Have the kids squeeze some lemons for the juice. Using an old, but clean paintbrush, have the children write messages of hope (e.g. Jesus is Risen! He is Alive!) using the lemon juice. WITH AN ADULT, use an iron to uncover the surprise messages. (You can use vinegar or milk if you don't have lemons.)
Bible passage: John 20:13-17
symbol: surprise

  • Doubting Thomas Handprints of Love Craft: Let the kids mix up a load of salt dough. Have them shape it into a heart as broad as their hand. Then, have them press their handprint deep into the heart. Let dry overnight. The next day, have the kids paint a red mark in the middle of the handprint to signify where Jesus's hand was pierced by the nail on the cross.
Bible passage: John 20: 24-29
symbols: heart for Jesus's love for us, red for Jesus's blood, handprint for how Jesus has
touched our lives.

  • Receive the Holy Spirit Windchimes Craft: Gather up all the larger broken bits of clay pottery, plates, etc that you have. Using fishing wire (filament wire) or floral wire, have the kids string up the pieces. Then suspend them from an old plate or tray that is inverted. The kids can hang the windchime in the yard to remind them of when Jesus had the disciples receive the Holy Spirit.
Bible passage: John 20: 19-22
symbols: windchimes catch even a breath of wind and Jesus gave the disciples the
Holy Spirit by his breath

We are Easter people! Alleluia!

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